Every camper must have a chaperone
Every chaperone may be responsible for up to 4 campers

Chaperone responsibilities

Chaperones are responsible first and foremost with generally supervising their campers especially when on free time or when dealing with their horses.
Younger campers will need more help and may not all be in the same groups so consider this when deciding how many campers you will chaperone. 
Chaperones must know where all their charges are and where they are supposed to be.
It is the chaperone's responsibility to make sure that the campers are prepared for their lessons and that their horses are tacked up correctly (if help is needed, just ask)
It is the camper's responsibility to care for their horse, their tack and their stall.  It is the chaperone's responsibility to make sure that the camper is fulfilling their responsibilities.
If there are any incidents or injuries it is the chaperone's responsibility to bring it to the attention of the camp administrators.

As well as being responsible for their campers the chaperones will have additional volunteer duties at camp.  As a volunteer organization we keep our costs down and get everyone involved by volunteering!  Additional duties may include helping prepare and serve meals, cleaning or moving things, additional supervision of groups or any job that might be needed!

Chaperones will camp with the campers, they may share tents or stay in their own tent.  Please see the list of things to bring.  Chaperoens will need to bring their "mess kit" - plate, bowl, cup, fork, spoon, knife, but all meals will be supplied .


There is no cost for chaperones to attend camp.  
Thank you for all you do!!!

If you child needs a chaperone and you are unable to accompany your child please contact us.

If you are chaperoning less than 4 campers and would be willing to chaperone
additional campers please contact us.

If you have additional questions about chaperones or being a chaperone please contact us.