What to Bring to WOR Camp 2022

* Tent and ground sheet
* Cot or air mattress
* Repair kit - duct tape, string, hammer, scissors etc.
* Sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, PJ's and flashlight
* Hat, Water bottle and Sunscreen
* Clothing for hot days, cold days and wet days
* A change of shoes and a pair of boots (extra socks!!)
* Raincoat
* Lawn Chair
* Mess Kit (plate, fork, knife, spoon, cup, bowl, water bottle in a net bag)
* Long sleeve t-shirt and long pants for night time "bug wear"
* bug spray
* Personal items: comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel, washcloth, and shampoo
* Medications, if any. If your child is taking medication such as Ritalin, continuation at camp is strongly recommended – please discuss with the chaperone any medications BEFORE CAMP

Horse Items
(this may not be a complete list – it is meant as a guide)
  • Tack (saddle, bridle, saddle pads, saddle blankets)
  • Extra saddle pads/blankets as they get sweaty!
  • Extra halter, girth
  • Leads
  • Bedding enough to bed down a stall and maintain it for 5 days
  • Hay (hay bag/net)  enough for 5 days
  • Equipment to clean your stall (fork, wheelbarrow)
  • Feed & feed pan (any supplements your horse regularly gets)
  • Water bucket (bring something to tie up your bucket)
  • Grooming kit
  • Saddle stand
  • Bug spray
  • Tack cleaning kit
  • Sponges and towel to clean your horse
  • Protective boots etc. that your horse wears
  • Medications if your horse is on medication
  • Medical arm band
  • Riding clothes, proper footwear, helmet

What NOT to bring to Camp
Please put your name on your items.
We cannot be responsible for lost items

*No Dogs 
* Phones will be allowed at camp, but are expected to be turned off. 
Chaperones may hold phones that are being misused.